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Friends of the Tiger Beetle Host Educational Event at Bavon Beach


April 22, 2016


Mathews, VA — The Friends of the Tiger Beetle & Chesapeake Bay Habitat Foundation (a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization) hosted 75 7th grade students from Thomas Hunter Middle School on Bavon Beach for an interactive educational event on Earth Day. With public and private support, the Foundation has recently constructed a series of breakwaters at Bavon Beach to arrest aggressive shoreline erosion at Bavon and protect the habitat of the Tiger Beetle, a threatened species.


The event was consistent with the educational objectives of the Foundation. It included presentations from Sarah Nystrom from US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) about the dwindling Tiger Beetle population and the erosion of their habitat and a discussion led by Scott Hardaway from the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences (VIMS) about the reasons for and responses to shoreline erosion. Each student was also given an opportunity to plant grasses that will promote growth of a new dune system.


Construction of the breakwater system represents the culmination of a longstanding effort characterized by public/private cooperation over the last 15 years. Representatives of The Nature Conservancy, the Virginia Department of Conservation & Recreation, and the County of Mathews were also present. Each agency has played a role in bringing this project to fruition.


“It was very rewarding to finally see this project come together and great for our Foundation and partner agencies to be able to share our story with a new generation” said Jack Carroll, FOTB Treasurer and long-time Bavon resident. “We hope we created some advocacy for the Chesapeake Bay today.”


Objectives of the Friends of the Tiger Beetle & Chesapeake Bay Habitat Foundation


  • Encouraging, recognizing, supporting the preservation of the natural habitat of the Northeastern Beach Tiger Beetle and other threatened and endangered species in the Bavon Beach area of the Chesapeake Bay in Mathews County, Virginia;


  • Encouraging, recognizing and supporting the preservation and restoration of habitats and ecosystems throughout the Chesapeake Bay area


  • Educating the public about and coordinating efforts to prevent the extinction of the Tiger Beetle and other threatened and endangered species; and


  • Developing models of public private partnerships and coordinate efforts to protect sensitive shorelines, beaches and habitats for threatened and endangered species throughout the Chesapeake Bay.



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List of Donors

Dave and Ann Norris

Bill and Edith Powell

Drew and Cheri Mulhare

Scott and Beth Stabler

Jack and Dolly Carroll

Will and Donna Shewmake

Karl and Lynn Braun

Roy and Jean Martin

Fred Esposito

Bob and Anita Crigler

Herman Perks

Tricia Powell

Larry and Robin Moncol

Joe and Janice Bricker

The Versen Family

Dick and Cathy Fisher

Liz Settle and Denny Shaw

Peyton and Sandy Carr

Rick and Molly Lingon

Jerry and Gloria Williams

Dennis and Brenda Baker

Mike and Tammy Bryant

Jim and Sarah Renner

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Jack and Kim Fisher

Tom and Irene Reynolds

Worth and Debby Kirkman

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Steven and Robbi Schneider

Kevin and Janet Perlowski

Matthew and Megan Reynolds

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Ben and Mary Kate Hester

Milton and Myrtle Brown

Carroll and Shannon Aldridge

Mathews Community Foundation

Bavon Beach Homeowners Association

Luck Companies Foundation

Foundation Board

Scott Stabler, President

Bill Powell, Vice President

Jack Carroll, Treasurer

Karl Braun, Secretary

Drew Mulhare, Director

Dave Norris, Director

Will Shewmake, Director