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List of Donors

Dave and Ann Norris

Bill and Edith Powell

Drew and Cheri Mulhare

Scott and Beth Stabler

Jack and Dolly Carroll

Will and Donna Shewmake

Karl and Lynn Braun

Roy and Jean Martin

Fred Esposito

Bob and Anita Crigler

Herman Perks

Tricia Powell

Larry and Robin Moncol

Joe and Janice Bricker

The Versen Family

Dick and Cathy Fisher

Liz Settle and Denny Shaw

Peyton and Sandy Carr

Rick and Molly Lingon

Jerry and Gloria Williams

Dennis and Brenda Baker

Mike and Tammy Bryant

Jim and Sarah Renner

The Millner Family

Jack and Kim Fisher

Tom and Irene Reynolds

Worth and Debby Kirkman

Marie McDaniel

Bob and Doris Pounders

Micheline Pinzolo

Joe Ann Lipscomb

Steven and Robbi Schneider

Kevin and Janet Perlowski

Matthew and Megan Reynolds

Joseph and Patricia Healy

Ben and Mary Kate Hester

Milton and Myrtle Brown

Carroll and Shannon Aldridge

Mathews Community Foundation

Bavon Beach Homeowners Association

Luck Companies Foundation

Foundation Board

Scott Stabler, President

Bill Powell, Vice President

Jack Carroll, Treasurer

Karl Braun, Secretary

Drew Mulhare, Director

Dave Norris, Director

Will Shewmake, Director

Post-Jonas update

Several neighbors enjoyed the beautiful weather this last weekend in January, walked the beach, and marveled at the first of three completed breakwaters. What is really super news is that this breakwater was completed in time to withstand the nor’easter “Jonas”, with over 50 knots of wind and tremendous wave action. When the storm calmed, the sand behind the breakwater had accumulated more than ten feet on the north side.

All neighbors are welcome to join the fund raising efforts to complete all three breakwaters this season. Please join us in this community event. We can already appreciate the beginning of this engineered solution to protect the beach. One only needs to look south to see the deterioration of the beach going toward the lighthouse.